Тени и блики

Мы тени в темноте, Мы светлячки на солнце Сомкни глаза увидишь яркий свет Открой их — тут же канешь в тьму. В любви мы вечно ищем наготу, А в сердце — яркое оконце. Но ты поверь есть чувства в пустоте, В осеннем ветре — теплота и счастье Над волнами разлук раскинутся лучи Лучи надежд и памяти рассвет. Мы в одиночестве обычно не одни Нас просто рядом с кем-то нет.

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react nativeoss

Fragile semantic patch

Every knows that package management is hard job. I think that it even deserved to be put into the list the most hard things in computer programming alongside with naming and caching. Recently I faced with strange behaviour of quite usual command during development of React Native application: pod install I received strange and weird error without any additional hints: [!] Invalid `Podfile` file:859: unexpected token at `info Run CLI with --verbose flag for more details. After hours of debug

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Super-fast Node.js alternative

Recently found an attractive server platform bun. It's a platform written on the base of JavaScriptCore and supports many valuable things from the box like Node.js modules resolving algorithm, part of Node.js built-in APIs and web APIs. It even supports out-of-box transpilation of TypeScript code and JSX. The author says that it’s a very fast instrument and provides benchmarks for it which looks astonishing. Also, he emphasises that bun’s start time is very short, probably if compared with Node.

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Data views in Obsidian

Plain text is an excellent and underrated thing. I'm using Obsidian to organise my personal thoughts and knowledge. And recently I've found out the amazing community plugin that helps you to extract and display data from the frontmatter section of files in the table format.

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Asexual pronoun

Recently I've watched the fantastic film "Everything Everywhere All at Once". One dialogue from there surprised me: a mother, the main character of the picture, said to her daughter when she mixed up a pronoun of her girlfriend that in Chinese pronunciation of "she" and "he" is the same — "ta"

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Emoji in JS strings

Emoji in JavaScript are represented in strings in an interesting way. What will be the length of a string with one emoji?

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Class prototype

ES6 brings us an easy way to project abstractions with a paradigm known for people with C++/Java experience — classes

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