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I'm Aleksandr Shoronov, a software engineer with 9 years of development experience. I started my programming journey at the beginning of the XX century when my father brought home an old computer based on 80386SX. When I touched it for the first time, I removed one crucial .BAT file that caused the system not to boot. But before I managed to rewrite the hit scores of the "Minesweeper" game.

I've been developing software systems of a wide range of complexity in the fintech, education, transport, and cartography spheres. When I'm far away from the keyboard, prefer to travel around the world, enjoy time with my family, read books, and learn new languages: programming and natural.

I know how to exit from ViM in several ways, how to solve the Hanoi Tower problem when there are three of you, but computer only one, and how to build Linux from scratch.

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