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Aleksandr Shoronov
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Asexual pronoun

Recently I've watched the fantastic film "Everything Everywhere All at Once". One dialogue from there surprised me: a mother, the main character of the picture, said to her daughter when she mixed up a pronoun of her girlfriend that in Chinese pronunciation of "she" and "he" is the same — "ta"; the only difference is written form — "她" and "他". You will be wondered like me when you hear that in Estonian language situation is absolutely the same. In Estonian "ta" is also about male, female, whatever. It's even the same in a written form actually. And what about other languages? Let's create a simple script and will check with GCP the difference in the translation of the words "She" and "He" in different languages.

😲 More than 30 languages actually have the same asexual pronoun. By the way, even in English, there is a generic variant that can refer to an unspecified person:

If either your mother or father would like to discuss it, I'll talk to her