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Super-fast Node.js alternative

Recently found an attractive server platform bun. It's a platform written on the base of JavaScriptCore and supports many valuable things from the box like Node.js modules resolving algorithm, part of Node.js built-in APIs and web APIs. It even supports out-of-box transpilation of TypeScript code and JSX. The author says that it’s a very fast instrument and provides benchmarks for it which looks astonishing. Also, he emphasises that bun’s start time is very short, probably if compared with Node.js.

Some things I found very catchy: i.e. without any third-party modules bun reads .env file to load variables to the environment. Take a look also at the example of the "Hello world" HTTP server:

export default {
port: 3000,
fetch(request: Request) {
return new Response("Hello World");
Very simple approach without any odd actions

But for me also the most interesting part is that it's written with Zig — a low-level programming language with manual memory management. Recently I have been finding more and more instruments that use this language. 🤔