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Moon, Venus, and Pleiades

Yesterday I was a witness a beautiful astronomical event: Moon was in the same time near Venus and Pleiades.

In the first photo, in the left upper corner is Venus, in the center Moon (smudged a little bit), and the Pleiades are on the right side.

Some stars seem close to each other, but it's just an optical illusion and they might be so far away from each other and only from the Earth looks like located closer. But the Pleiades are grouped in one relatively small cluster of young stars. It's like kindergarten, but for stars: they are young and live from the beginning of their lives together.

Other photos are just beautiful pictures of the sky from that night. By the way, on Sunday night you also can see Moon, which will be closer to Venus. Don't miss the chance to see the beauty of the sky!

Moon, Venus, and Pleiades Sky full of stars with the lights from the road Sky and water Milky Way Moonlight