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Borderless Chrome Apps

In the 115th release of Chrome, borderless applications have been introduced. It totally does not make sense if you develop classic web pages and applications, but if you make PWA, then it will be a good option for tuning your application's look and feel. You can control an app's appearance, even controls and borders, which are usually controlled by the window manager of your choice (or of choice of OS engineers)

To me, as a fan of tiling window managers I usually completely disable window decoration, because for me they are useless: based on the content of the window I quickly understand if it is a terminal or browser and controls windows with keyboard shortcuts.

Regarding PWAs, after introducing this terminology and even after the surge of this type of apps, I haven't installed or used any of them. On both iOS and Android, I usually install classic applications, and on a desktop the same, but with a lot of usage of web applications. With the exception of Electron apps like VSCode, Flipper, Slack and so on. Electron apps are garbage in my honest opinion, but they are better than nothing, or their web alternatives